Caplinked Data Room Review

The introduction of the Virtual Data Room at the enterprise significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information. Here is more about its functionality.

Virtual Data Room as a secure information system

Information for the company today is the main resource of functioning in the market, which ensures its competitive position. Each organization uses arrays of information in its activities, but the degree of its use and implementation is different and varies depending on the development of information systems. For these reasons, corporate information systems like Virtual Data Room for the management of medium and large enterprises is a necessary tool to increase the efficiency and transparency of business processes and provide centralized support for management decisions at all levels and in all areas of the company’s business.

The widespread use of information systems for storage, processing, and transmission of information makes urgent problems of their protection, especially given the global trend of increasing the number of information attacks, leading to significant financial and material losses

Significant advantages of the Data Room are temporary regulation of the document life cycle, automatic control of its movement in the organization and beyond. The software simply solves the problem of renewing numerous copies of an outdated document – they are simultaneously removed from the document flow and replaced with new ones at once at all workplaces of employees.

Online Data Room is designed to perform the following tasks:

  • reduce time and overhead costs for routine document operations;
  • create a single information environment for all users of the organization;
  • integrate into centralized information space system for collecting, processing, transmitting, receiving, and storing information;
  • increase speed and quality of customer service accelerating the flow of information flows and clear monitoring of all business processes.

Caplinked Data Room: what are the peculiarities?

Cloud services are a modern and popular business model, the application of which will have a positive impact on your business.

Caplinked is a service for storage, synchronization, and quick exchange of files of any format. Caplinked Data Room solution is used for investment banks, private equity, law firms, venture capital, M&A departments of large public companies, the energy industry, and more.

The advantages of the software are obvious: testing and launching projects, data storage, ready environment for work, security, flexibility, scalability. It offers cloud migration support and support, deployment and administration assistance, and product, subscription, and licensing advice on how to use the services.

Caplinked has all the resources to provide reliable digital communication channels (telephone, in particular), to host client servers (colocation), or to provide capacity in its data center, where full protection against unauthorized third-party interference is guaranteed and round-the-clock technical support, as well as to organize cloud storage and data processing.

The user does not have to be in a certain place all the time. Work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, hold meetings, and communicate with colleagues without being tied to an office location.

In addition to these useful features, Caplinked offers a feedback feature. How does this happen? Suppose the one to whom the documents were addressed has read them and he has several questions or suggestions to the author. He can enter his ideas, questions, and suggestions in a special form and Caplinked will send them to the curator of the document. In this case, the author will receive not only questions and other wishes, but also the file name and page numbers on which the recipient has these thoughts, questions, or suggestions.

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