Smartroom Review

As the company grows and develops, there is a need to reduce costs, control all processes in the organization, communicate between customers. Data Room software has emerged to solve these problems.

Virtual Data Room to organize your working process

Now all spheres of business are actively developing, therefore, almost every enterprise moving forward is quickly faced with the need to implement information systems that will help optimize some part of the company’s work. The organization of document flow in the information system of enterprise management largely determines the state of the enterprise as a whole. Without a well-established system of working with documents like Virtual Data Room (VDR), constant failures of all business processes are inevitable. This is required to remain a competitive organization and to reduce the resources that are used in production.

Compared to the traditionally used physical data rooms, VDRs enable multiple potential bidders, they are cheaper, more secure, and more reliable. This gives them extensive applications in a variety of industries including banking, financial services, and insurance, retail, telecommunications, and information technology.

SmartRoom Data Room: the profile of the provider

SmartRoom Data Room is a secure software available for numerous business areas, such as capital markets, legal solutions, or for the exchange of information within the company. The secure hosting and the secure exchange of documents with partners, the convenient management of sensitive company data, and the confidential discussions about the data within the platform are among the functions that dealmakers, for example, investment bankers, appreciate about the data space.

Thanks to its complex security system with dynamic watermarks, backups, and virus scanners, SmartRoom has already been involved in thousands of deals and is therefore one of the best-selling data rooms. The cloud-based virtual data room has an intuitive user interface and is available in nine languages. In addition, the interface can be adapted to the CI of your company. Unfortunately, there is no free trial version of SmartRoom. However, the 24/7 support provided by a team of certified project managers is convincing when it comes to answering questions or providing solutions.

What are the SmartRoom functions?

Among the basic SmartRoom functions there are functions of work with the archive of documents that provide systematic storage of documents, including mechanisms for moving electronic documents to the archive, storage and retrieval of documents from the archive, search for the necessary information, optimization of storage costs, automation of storage and writing documents to the archive.

The Data Room performs the following tasks:

  • integration of technologies for the preparation of all types of electronic documents into a single process; replacement of paper flow of documents by moving electronic documents along specified routes on the local network;
  • automation of the process of passing documents both inside the organization and outside it;
  • creation of the order of passing of documents (development, coordination, approval of documents) according to the current norms and standards of the organization;
  • automation of administrative and managerial functions (formation and provision of instructions, orders, control over their implementation);
  • organization and control of staff work, accounting, and planning of working hours; – providing operational exchange on the local network of official documents (memos, letters, applications, regulatory materials, etc.) to organize the interaction of staff, individual departments of the enterprise;
  • implementation of sending and receiving documents through external systems;
  • formation and accumulation of a database or archives of electronic documents of any type with the possibility of multicriteria search both for the content of documents and for complex logical conditions;
  • integration and support of electronic document management with business process support programs.
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